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Re: Documentation Standards was Re: [ox-en] UserLinux

Hey Martin,

This is my last post in this thread - I'm going to shut up after this.

On Tue, 9 Dec 2003, Martin Hardie wrote:

But I have a recent experience where I tried to explain some things in simple 
terms to Graham and some of his other mates and gave up realsing that we 
didnt talk the same language, they we re stuck in their ways and my thoughts 
just went over their heads ... or something

You've talked to 2 lists about this where the lists are made up of people
with a huge range of different views, and both times you've just said 'you 
all think exactly the same'. 

But let me try and distill some of it. I do think that sometimes these 
discussions do help sort out and formulate ideas.

But i ahve no idea what trolling is ... I used to do it with my dad and catch 

Yeh, same idea... let the bait go low across the water for the fun of 
seeing what jumps for it... like going into a christian mailing list and
saying 'dont you realise jesus is really the devil' just for the sake of 
seeing what answers you get... 

final point the language and rhetoric has alot to do with where
something ends up - but Grahan would just say that is my post modern
speak with a bit of Negri - his pet hates.....

:-) Personally, I reckon Negri is a fascist (not trolling, I'll defend 
that argument, but not on this list, it's too off topic).



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