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Re: [ox-en]

Hi Graham!

Last month (48 days ago) Graham Seaman wrote:
Can you add this to the oekonux links page?


Maybe there should be a separate medical/pharmaceutical subsection
of the links?

I created a subsection on [The principles of Free Software...]
[...with material goods...] [...with pharmaceuticals]. However, this
is the only entry so far.

I'd agree that it would be nice to have a section in the links where
all the things relating to (the movement) for Free / cheap
pharmaceuticals in some way. However, such a section does not fit
nicely in the current structure of the page because this relates very
much to Free Software and its principles. So it needs to be extended
in some way. May be something like [Related topics] as a new top level
header could be an idea.


						Mit Freien Grüßen



Thread: oxenT01603 Message: 3/3 L1 [In index]
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