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Re: Identity as an OHA aspect (was: Re: [ox-en] Patents and Copy...)

* Ref.: »Re: Identity as an OHA aspect (was: Re: [ox-en] Patents and Copy...)«
*        Niall Douglas 	(2004-01-17  18:30)

Hi Niall,

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On 17 Jan 2004 at 10:35, Casimir Purzelbaum wrote:

What is the identity of a free-software programmer?  What does it have
to do with his name, with the programs he writes etc? What does it
have to do with the world he lives in?  If there were no free-software
scene, he couldn't be an FS-programmer, no matter what he would think
about his programs and what he would wish for.  Hence, his "real
identity" as this or that cannot be determined.  The "real identity"
of any {person | thing | group | *} is an infinite thing. 

I most certainly was a free software programmer long before I knew a 
free software culture existed when even the term "free software" 
meant only software that cost nothing. I know plenty of others who 
are similar and I would strongly argue that the original BSD spirit 
is about as free as you can get. Much more free than that whole GNU 
ethos anyway.

This seems to confirm that the phenomenon of free-software
development is subject to the same "identity dilemma" that the
indimedia-scene faces.  "That whole GNU ethos" has a lot to do
with establishing an identity -- with the purpose of stabilizing
and enlarging the basis of free-software development.  IMO, this
has been a success. On the other hand, as you are pointing out,
it means "alienation" from the whole variety of fs-related
identities and concepts
that a number of people may have.  Thus, we have again that
contradiction between the (more or less) "identified identity" and
the "real identity". The first can only be a very limited
one-dimensional snapshot of the latter, but being a factor in the
world it does have practical implications...

(I'm not sure, but it sounds like Stefan Mz. to me, when I now
"conclude": »Identification is alienation.« ;-)



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