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Re: [ox-en] Germ of a new form of society or germ of a new form of business?

On Tue, Jan 27, 2004 at 12:30:58AM -0000, Niall Douglas wrote:
On Mon, Jan 26, 2004 at 12:43:38AM -0000, Niall Douglas wrote:
The majority of people you want to convince of your position are going
to be confused by the way you are using the term because free software
already means something different to them.

Which is why they need to realise that free software is an 
aspiration, not something written in stone by a self-appointed set of 
"masters" according to their particular political agenda.

So you're trying to confuse the term "free software" to make a point
that people shouldn't be accepting fixed definitions of any sort? I
hope you realize that in making this statement, you will be keeping
people from understanding your own definition as well. You'll also be
annoying them and making yourself appear as a troll in many cases.

Actually, I find it interesting that a majority of those that I 
encounter from non-western countries agree 100% with my definition. 
Freeing software is what's important, not free software.

I'm not sure where "non-western countries" come into the equation here
but I imagine that the majority of people who have not heard of "Free
Software" will probably also agree with your definition because
they've got no reason not to. The problem is that the majority of
people who *have* heard the term "free software" before are talking
about something different and it's going to be hard to accomplish what
you want without dealing with these people -- perhaps *mostly* with
these people. You will be less likely to convince people of anything
when you start by telling them that you intend on using a commonly
used term in a way that means something different.

I *really* think it's your own best interest and the best interests of
people you converse with to choose a different term. "Self Sustainable
Software" sounds reasonable and AFAIK is not taken. I didn't get a
single google hit.

I typically receive some very rabid denounciations of myself and my
ideas, some of which is merited as I am not famous nor have some
respected body of software to stand beside me (however give me a
while, I'm working on that! :).

I don't think that rabid denunciations are warranted just because
you're not famous or have programmed a lot.

When I get such responses I feel happy because I must have touched a
nerve in those who merely believe in free software because it's the
"in" thing right now.

As least you appreciate the rabid denunciations!

I don't want to spoil your upbeat attitude toward the flames you
receive but I believe they might also have something to do with the
fact that your offend them with things like comments implying that
they "merely believe in free software because it's in the 'in' thing
right now." But that's just a guess.


Benjamin Mako Hill

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