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Re: [ox-en] the Deleuzian engineer

On Tue, 2004-01-27 at 01:39, Niall Douglas wrote:

I've only heard of them through their anti-capitalist arguments and 
to be quite frank, I had dismissed their theories as mad and possibly 
dangerous like Nietzsche's. But it was some time ago and I was 
reading another person's account of them, so I could be very wrong. 
Can you propose some reading material, preferably on the web as I 
already have a backlog of ten tomes on my reading list?

Niall, many of the concepts - such as the underpinning 'immanent', or
'real', or 'material' - actually come from Spinoza, so may I point you
to [1] one of his early pieces, translated sometimes as 'On The
Improvement Of The Understanding' and sometimes as 'On The Correction Of
The Intellect'?

It is a sweet text, and provides a sense of the 'roots' merely invoked
by Deleuze and Guattari, amongst several significant others.


It's all pretty hypertext-ified there, for easy browsing from the most
important terms to their explanation, and other related places in the
text. Enjoy yourself. Let me know what you think??

Btw, your excuse for not finishing it is that he didn't either..

With warm wishes,


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