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Re: [ox-en] Nazi in Debian Alert

On Wednesday 28 January 2004 00:03, Benj. Mako Hill wrote:
Anti-fascist Free Software developers "zealots" (your words from
previous messages to this list, not mine)

Someone else said that
your constant lecturing us lower life really gives me the shits so i will read 
John's mail now and just skip yours ...

"Mind you, I am not asking you to bear witness to what you believe false, 
which would be a sin, but to testify falsely to what you believe true - which 
is a virtuous act because it compensates for lack of proof of something 
that certainly exists or happened." Bishop Otto to Baudolino in Umberto Eco's 


Thread: oxenT01917 Message: 35/62 L8 [In index]
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