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Re: [ox-en] Nazi in Debian Alert

On Tue, Jan 27, 2004 at 08:24:07AM [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED], Martin Hardie wrote:
I just read this thread. Ho what a laugh! poor old Paul, don't you
know you can't disagree with the wisdom of openness in all things.

Paul is free to disagree with anything he wants. I don't think anyone
besides you has said anything that would imply that he couldn't.

If you look elsewhere on this this list in the last few weeks you'll
find folks like me (who I assume are the ones the positions you're
attempting to malign) describing places where they think that non-free
software licensing is quite defensible.

Try to remember Martin that we can all have a conversation and
disagree -- even strongly -- without implying that any of us are not
entitled to their opinions or deluded or uncritical for holding
them. I have repeatedly stated that I think your positions are
critical ones while you have repeated described those that disagree
with you as uncritical and deluded.

What does it matter if there is a nazi in Debian. What does it
matter that he uses the software you help produce to spread hate,
what does it matter when he can use that software to build a nice
open source ethnic cleansing machine.

This is a misrepresentation of the position offered in this thread.

Anti-fascist Free Software developers "zealots" (your words from
previous messages to this list, not mine) believe that it *does*
matter if there is a Nazi in Debian. I have a huge problem with the
idea that software I produce will be used in the service of hate and
the perpetuation of social injustice and am committed to making sure
this doesn't happen.

However, rather than discriminate in our licenses (which is
unenforceable at best and in all likelihood a bad precedent and a
slippery slope into places we do not want to go), I believe that all
socially conscious FOSS developers have a responsibility to choose and
design software and contribute to projects in such a way that it will
be intrinsically more useful for doing good things than for doing bad
things. I'm happy to provide examples.

What a joke.

The tone of this message is more indicative of a troll than someone
trying to add productively to a discussion.


Benjamin Mako Hill

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