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[ox-en] Fork YOU

Adam et al

I think Per has summed up the reason for the wide range of things on Walther's site very well.

I see that you are now asking for Walther to be kicked in one way or another. I also note that the Oekenux head honchos dont even want to talk about it other than running the idea down with freedom 0 jargon.

I feel we should be able to really get to the heart of these things without the freedom 0 rhetoric.. We know that stuff but some of us want to try and not get stuck in the mud of freedom 0.

There seem to be more people suggesting they will leave because no action has been taken re Walther than because of the so called stalinist witch hunt.

WE should not leave without a new home ......., including list and t/wiki

Any ideas?


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Subject: 	Re: Debian / ox-en And [ox-en] Jonathan
Date: 	Thu, 26 Feb 2004 01:08:10 [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED] (GMT)
From: 	Per I. Mathisen <per>
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On Thu, 26 Feb 2004, Robin Green wrote:
"Those usually labelled holocaust deniers hold a number of viewpoints,
and often one individual will advocate different perspectives to different
audiences or at different times."
I do not wish to waste any more time on this issue. Please, Stefan,
would you ban this individual from the list.

I agree wholeheartedly. I have witnessed this process happening many times
before. Above all, realize please that nazis deliberately try to play
innocent and downplay their racism in order to drive naive liberals to
their defense, and thus win a platform for subtly putting out racist

The most naive way to approach this is to say that this person should be
kicked from the list only when he crosses some invisible line, eg for
posting racism or behaving bad. Nazis deliberately work on the edges of
such lines, stretching it tryingly every now and then, generating endless
and never concluded debates about if he went over the line this time.

A nazi on the list will be a source of permanent off-topicness. I've seen
it happen so many times, I am not sure I will bother staying around seeing
it happen again.

 - Per

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"the riddle which man must solve, he can only solve in being, in being what he is and not something else...."

Organization: projekt

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