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[ox-en] Fw: AktiviX II

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hi all, i've sent this out - email on far and wide!

AktiviX II - Another System is Possible! 

10-12th September 2004  Sheffield, England

A weekend for environmental / animal rights / peace /
social justice / anti-capitalist campaigners & activists /
and cultural creatives to get to know GNU/Linux, each
other, and to discuss political strategies and actions
around Information and Communication Technology

Still using Microsoft? M$ - one of the world's richest corporations, a major 
backer of Dubya Bush, globalisation, war, vivisection...

STOP! Use Linux instead. Free Software based on sharing and co-operation. 

GNU/Linux, once a plaything for geeks is now an impressive, stable, secure, 
virus-free and versatile alternative to Microsoft. 

Come to AktiviX: a chance to try out installing and running GNU/Linux. A 
chance to share experiences and enthusiasm with other activists, whether 
total beginners or total über­geeks.

Whatever the level of ability, confidence or experience
with computers all activists, grass-roots groups, social
workers, and others who are interested in moving to Free
software for a Free Culture are welcome. 

There will also be a meeting about an
AktiviX:CommunityServer project.  The vision is to take
control of informational flows through community building.
People are encouraged to discuss participation in this
collaborative effort with their local collectives and
friends - bring ideas and experiences! 

For more information have a look at:


AktiviX-discuss mailing list

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