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Re: [ox-en] Interview with Peter Lamborn Wilson

On 1 Aug 2004 at 20:21, Robin Green wrote:

If I remember, the quote as you used it made it look like I was
saying all voluntary work without remuneration was a waste. In fact,
I was saying that voluntary work *duplicating* *existing*
*functionality* without remuneration a waste which is clear if you
read that quote in context. The former makes me look like a dickhead
whereas the latter is my actual opinion.

I found the context:

Judge for yourselves, folks.

Well done in finding the context I failed to! I did search, but 
couldn't find it. OTOH, my usual ISP is malfunctioning so I'm back on 
3c/min so I didn't try for very long :(

You're absolutely right that I wasn't on about duplicating existing 
functionality though that email was about that generally. I was 
however referring to people helping each other out gratis which due 
to the peculiarities of current economic modelling means it's counted 
as dead time/wastage. This is still not a statement about 
volunteering in general as your misquoting of it made it seem.

But enough already! The last thing this list needs is another off-
topic thread quibbling over unimportant minutia! So I suggest we drop 

One thing about that post which I've since discovered is wrong was my 
assertion that old Linux software wouldn't run on a modern Linux 
without some form of emulation layer. Well, it turns out that 
original NCSA Mosaic runs just fine on a 2.4 kernel Linux so I was 
entirely wrong there. My apologies to anyone inconvenienced.


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