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Re: [ox-en] Interview with Peter Lamborn Wilson

On 31 Jul 2004 at 23:43, Robin Green wrote:

On Sat, Jul 31, 2004 at 10:55:28PM [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED], Niall Douglas wrote:
In general, it can be shown that a population over long periods of
time stops doing bad things for itself. For example, when everyone
was starving the goal was to be fat - when everyone has too much
food, suddenly the goal becomes to be thin. Capitalism, like all
sustainable economic systems,

Hahahaha! Capitalism! Sustainable!

You had me going up until that point, Niall!

There is a big difference between "sustainable" and "long term 
sustainable". Capitalism is sustainable in the short-term (hundreds 
of years) but not in the long-term (thousands of years). Communism in 
the form recently practicised wasn't even short-term sustainable (it 
didn't make even a hundred years).

Hmm. Your misquoting of me still litters google searches for my name
and probably will forever.

I disagree that it was a misquote. You've claimed that I took it out
of context, but I don't see that the context makes a difference.

If I remember, the quote as you used it made it look like I was 
saying all voluntary work without remuneration was a waste. In fact, 
I was saying that voluntary work *duplicating* *existing* 
*functionality* without remuneration a waste which is clear if you 
read that quote in context. The former makes me look like a dickhead 
whereas the latter is my actual opinion. OTOH, there's plenty on my 
own website which makes me look like a dickhead, but at least that's 
me doing it to myself (heh, some people would say that about every 
public post I ever make!)


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