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Re: [ox-en] Interview with Peter Lamborn Wilson

On Sun, Aug 01, 2004 at 07:53:06PM [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED], Niall Douglas wrote:
Hmm. Your misquoting of me still litters google searches for my name
and probably will forever.

I disagree that it was a misquote. You've claimed that I took it out
of context, but I don't see that the context makes a difference.

If I remember, the quote as you used it made it look like I was 
saying all voluntary work without remuneration was a waste. In fact, 
I was saying that voluntary work *duplicating* *existing* 
*functionality* without remuneration a waste which is clear if you 
read that quote in context. The former makes me look like a dickhead 
whereas the latter is my actual opinion.

I found the context:

Judge for yourselves, folks.

"I strongly recommend simply buying a Linux tshirt, telling everyone
how good Linux is and continuing to use Windows. All of the effect
without the danger." -- Daniel Davies

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