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Re: [ox-en] Interview with Peter Lamborn Wilson

On 3 Aug 2004 at 20:49, Stefan Merten wrote:

So what exactly is the message for this list? There are still people
out there who hail the concepts which failed twenty, thirty, forty
years ago? Actually I knew that before. Conservative people probably
never disappear.

Actually not. Peter Lamborn Wilson was a left intellectual anarchist
and one of the foremost in his day. However like a good proportion of
the population, with age he has grown less open to new things and
thus more conservative with time.

Computer programmers, who most of this list's members would be, also
have this innate characteristic. Self-unfolding to me implies always
being open to new ideas and ways of doing things, yet a majority of
humans biologically cannot achieve this with age. Therefore, most of
this list will not be able to self-unfold forever.

Does this therefore not indicate that a long term sustainable GPL
society must use coercion to work against innate human behaviour just
as capitalism does? If so, what form must it take?


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