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Re: [ox-en] sense and nonsense of licenses (bare acts/sarai reader 5)

Deer geert and all!

Last month (32 days ago) geert wrote:
i wonder if anyone of you would like to write something for this sarai
reader about the rise and rise of legal issues.

There is no deadline given in this (somehat lengthy) text.

why do we believe in
licenses such as gpl and creative commons?

This is indeed an interesting question. And what does "believe" mean
here? May be the question is: What role do licenses play in the field
of Free Production (from an Oekonux perspective)?

Does this topic fit in the reader? I mean they do not mention this
field explicitly but on the other hand they are embracing half of the
world so it might be worthwhile trying something. However, I do not
have the time/energy to compile something.

isn't this just reflecting
the enormous power of lawyers and the legal class in general?

StefanMz presented a nice picture: The licenses are similar to the
city walls of medieval cities. A nice picture and I just emphasized
that the city walls were not important *as themselves* but functioned
as some protection from the outside world. As soon as the logic of the
city, the logic of capitalism grabbed all of the country, city walls
made no more sense - and subsequently have been broken down.

Personally I think this is similar in Free Software. The GPL society
needs no licenses as the GPL any more (so you can very well question
why it is called GPL society then ;-) ). Until this point licenses are
a protection on the grounds of the old system protecting Free Software
from being converted back to the logic of the outside (at least
copyleft licenses).

Therefore I think licenses are not important by themselves. They exist
to protect something and if they deliver this protection that's fine.
In Free Software I see tendencies to take licenses *very* seriously
and also in this project there are people doing this. I'd say with a
typical Free Software saying: "Don't fix it unless it's broken."

For some weeks now I also wanted to comment on the issues in the
Debian project with their puzzling change of their license but did not
find the time to concentrate on that.

we could
also print a (list) debate...

This I find particularly progressive :-) .

						Mit Freien Grüßen


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