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[ox-en] Open software workshops @ BEK

From: BEK <gif>

Open streaming workshop

Time: october 25. - 27. 2004 10-16 (incl. lunch)
Place: BEK, C.Sundtsgt. 55, Bergen

This workshop will be held by Adam Hyde ( and will 
focus on how to build your own internet radio station using Linux. The three 
day workshop will include everything you need to know of basic audio 
hardware, soundcards, an introduction to Linux, concepts of streaming media, 
encoder and server software configuration, and installation of these 
softwares and their use. 

This is a hands-on workshop but will also cover some theory and case studies. 

The workshop is sponsored by Isea2004 -


dyne:bolic and FreeJ workshop

Time: november 9. - 12. 2004 12-16
Place: BEK, C.Sundtsgt. 55, Bergen

dyne:bolic GNU/Linux is a live bootable distribution working directly from the 
CD without the need to install or change anything on harddisk. It can 
recognize most of your hardware devices and offers a vast range of softwares 
for sound and video production, streaming, 3d modeling, peer to peer and 
filesharing, deejaying and veejaying, games, a world navigator with detailed 
maps and factbooks and much more ;) 

Surf, stream, record, edit, encode and broadcast both sound and video, all 
just in one CD you have simply to boot. 

The workshop will also focus on FreeJ - a free Vj-tool included in dyne:bolic 
- to explore in-deep the possibilities offered by real-time video 
manipulation and procedural video scripting, where the use of an object 
oriented language can be introduced to newbies in a simple way.
Along with FreeJ the many applications included in dyne:bolic will be 
explored, ranging from tasks as streaming and editing of multimedia, setup of 
a workstation for various conditions, publishing materials online and more. 
To the students a reasonable degree of freedom will be left in order to let 
them find their own ideal path thru the many possibilities offered by 
multimedia free software nowadays. 

The workshop will be held by Jaromil - one of the main developers behind 
dyne:bolic and FreeJ. 

The workshop is sponsored by PNEK -


Both workshops are free and open for participation, but with a limited nuber 
of seats. Please send a mail to bek if you wish to participate.

BEK - Bergen Centre for Electronic Art

Organization: projekt

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