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[ox-en] New open source philosophy course

An exciting development:

An online course in the philosophy and theory of Free Software/Open Source!

The prerequisites are just Internet access and an ability to read and write
English. It is a distance learning course, and attendance at the physical
sessions in Sweden is not required. And it is free of charge, so anyone can
take it.

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Subject: Open source philosophy
Date: Wednesday 13 October 2004 08:49
From: Mathias Klang <klang>
To: mobbsey

Hi Paul,
I hope all is well with you.

The reason why I am sending this email is that my department has allowed
me (and some others) to start a distance learning course in open source
philosophy. Unfortunately the decision making processes at my university
are extremely slow and we have not had time to publicise the course.
Which means we are doing a lot of mailing! Since you work with open
source as a teaching tool I thought this might be of interest to you (or
you might know people who are interested). See more info below.

A distance learning course in "Open Source/Free Software: philosophy &
theory" (November-January) is being offered by the Dept. of Informatics
at the University of Göteborg. This is the first time the department
makes a distance learning course available to students outside Sweden
and we hope that many students will be interested in the discussions.

For more information

Please feel free to forward this information to others


"Open Source/Free Software: philosophy & theory" NEW COURSE at the University
 of Göteborg.

Mathias Klang
Dept. of Informatics, University of Goteborg, Box 620, 405 30 Goteborg,
NEW BOOK: Klang & Murray "Human Rights in the Digital Age", is out in 2004.
 For more information:


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