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From: Stephen Loosley <stephen>
To: link
Subject: [LINK] China and open source
Date: Fri, 01 Oct 2004 01:11:53 [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED]

Hi there,

Any Linker ever pondered how appealing the
open source software philosophy must be for
your local communist? 

There seems a 'natural fit'. And given just a little
official encouragement, one can imagine millions
of young Chinese people (in single-child families)
taking up all things Linux .. and, in a very big way.

So, one bets China will have the best distribution
standards well within 5 years and then my friends
for the next 100 years. Move over the USA & MS.

Eg, a prediction 'Novell believes that the Chinese
Linux Standards Group will play an important role
in the .. development of the global Linux industry.'

"Novell Joins China Linux Standards Group" 
By LinuxProNews Contributing Writer

Reflecting its commitment to one of the fastest growing Linux markets,
Novell has joined the China Linux Standards Group, launched this spring by
the Chinese government to promote Linux* in China.

Representatives from Novell China will work with the Standard Group's
officials and other members to contribute to the group's Linux
standardization initiatives and education efforts, providing a unified push
towards further Linux adoption in China. 

The China Linux Standard Group was founded in April 2004 with approval from
China's Ministry of Information Industry. The group is responsible for
developing and defining essential standards for Linux-related architectures. 

As the only global commercial Linux vendor formally part of the China Linux
Standard Group, Novell will participate with other members to coordinate
input from various local and national software development communities and
Chinese enterprises, and provide Linux consulting and guidance to Chinese
IT scholars and experts. 

This initiative is expected to significantly shape the emerging Linux
market in China. "We are pleased to see that Novell fully supports Chinese
Linux standards," said Doctor Zhang Hongfen, head of the China Linux
Standard Group. 

"Novell's membership will contribute significantly to the definition of
Chinese Linux standards. Novell has been extensively involved in the
definition of international software standards, with abundant experience in
this field and a good relationship with global technology communities .. "

"We are very happy that Novell can participate in the definition and
execution of Linux-related standards in China," said Luo Wei, marketing and
channel director of Novell China. 

"Alone among global commercial Linux vendors, Novell has joined this
project from the start as a formal member, reflecting both the China Linux
Standard Group's high opinion of Novell and Novell's commitment to a
greater focus on the Chinese market."

"Novell believes that the Chinese Linux Standards Group will play an
important role in the development of the Chinese Linux industry, and,
subsequently, the development of the global Linux industry." 

. and so do I.

Cheers all ..
Stephen Loosley
Melbourne, Australia

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