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[ox-en] Open Source Architecture: NOW!

From: Ivan Redi <office>


We are sorry for cross-posting, but we would like to inform you about a
project in Forum Stadtpark in Graz (Austria), the project initiated by
ortlos architects, on one of the most interesting topics in contemporary
architecture and practice: >>networked creative collaboration<<
based on principles of open source architecture.

Anything we do today belongs to the retro future. This state helps to
describe "open source architecture" in more detail. Architecture must be
seen like an open work of art, which is performed by using today's
technological possibilities and experiences. This means the "code" of
architecture must be open and free in terms of planning strategies and
methods. This is not a catchphrase. This concept already works.
Unfortunately, it comes from other areas. Architecture needs to become part
of the global community again instead of being an esoteric pseudo-science
providing nothing but commonplace services.

This radical crusade against traditional architecture will be led in
particular by young architects, designers, musicians, network performers,
programmers and other actors that have dedicated themselves to indefatigable
creative investigation and experimentation. They will do so for five days.
For this purpose, they will not choose 12 but exactly 5 different approaches
(workshop, lecture, conference, installation and exhibition). It would be
ideal for this venture if everything could be spread on one side or page, on
one and the same surface (one abstract shape without beginning and end):
true events, historical conditions, drafting of ideas, individuals, social
groups and constellations.
This would enable us to be there exactly at the right time, i.e. neither 5
minutes early nor 5 minutes late.


5 DAYS, this is the period covered by this mixed event, at which altogether
5 types of artistic presentation overlap and intersect. EXHIBITION __ a
self-generating show of permanent production during the event ... 5 LECTURES
held by the 5 participants + the hosts ... the INSTALLATION supporting the
collaborative approach __ open platform + open forum with the
community WORKSHOP and interaction with the public relating to the defined
topic ... CONFERENCE for exchanging ideas and defining terms and
definitions, strategies, techniques and aspects of "open source
architecture" __
DATE: November 15 - 19, 2004, end of the exhibition December 3, 2004


If we choose "Open Source Architecture" as a strategy and A.N.D.I. (A New
Digital Instrument for creative networked collaboration - as a working instrument, "City Upgrade" is the topic
that is relevant right now. The objective is to identify and discuss the
architectural, urbanistic and artistic problems of medium-sized European
cities, define the complexes of problems and elaborate solutions in an
interdisciplinary forum.

Through workshops aimed at an international audience, the project will be
presented and made accessible to a large public. A kind of "community" will
be established, and creative forums from various sectors will be won for the
project. Their networking, interlinking and close co-operation will make it
possible to condense the problems and allow all kinds of approaches
imaginable to be discussed.

The code of architecture, its alphabet, needs to be changed! 

If you would need a German version of this text or any other information,
please let us know.

 best regards
+--Ivan Redi------------------------------------------------------+
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Organization: projekt

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