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[ox-en] introducing the institute of network cultures

Launch of website:

Introducing the Institute of Network Cultures
Based within the Hogeschool of Amsterdam (HvA)

Director and founder: Geert Lovink
Assistent producer: Sabine Niederer

The Institute of Network Cultures (INC), which was set up in June 2004,
caters to research, meetings and (online) initiatives in the area of new
media and society with a particular focus on the internet. 

If you are interested in internships, linked events, providing
screenings, lectures and workshops in Amsterdam, fellowships and
collaborative research, please contact us.

The INC originates from the ʽlectorateʼ of the department of Interactive
Media at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. The media theorist Geert Lovink
was appointed ʽlectorʼ of this department in January 2004. The purpose
of ʽlectoratesʼ as these, in principle, four year term positions are
called in Dutch, is to introduce research into the Dutch system of
higher vocational education, and to enable the development of so-called
ʽcentres of excellenceʼ. Within the department of interactive media at
HvA (, the responsibilities of the
lectorate include the provision of traineeships, lectures and the theory
programme. The INC is also involved in the Media Lab (initiated by the
Hogeschool and the University of Amsterdam) which started with a BA
pilot for 18 students in October 2004. 

The INC is also closely affiliated to the University of Amsterdam, where
Geert Lovink is working as an associated professor at the department of
Media & Culture. The University of Amsterdam and the Hogeschool, which
have merged at a managerial level, are cooperating in many areas.  

The URL of the seperate blog of the Institute of Network Cultures:


- HvA lecture series New Media in the Netherlands (in Dutch), 2[PHONE NUMBER REMOVED]

- Conference Decade of Webdesign, PostCS, January 21-22, 2005. The
website of this event will be launched later this week.

- Seminar on German Media Theory, April 2005. See also the recent debate
on the German language Rohrpost list.

- Incommunicado Working Conference on Alternatives in ICT & Development,
De Balie, June 16-17, 2004. More info on

- Conference on art & politics of netporn (in preparation), October

Contact details:

Sabine Niederer
Institute of Network Cultures 
[PHONE NUMBER REMOVED] (0)20 5951866

Organization: projekt

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