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[ox-en] research opportunity


I am completing a course on the Philosophy and Theory of Open Source
and Free Software. The assessment involves completing a project
equivalent to approximately 4,500 word on a topic within this subject.
Would anyone be interested in the results of such a project? If so I
would be happy to select the topic jointly, although I am keen to
consider legal issues such as 'software' patents or licensing issues.
I have experience completing legal research at a postgraduate level in
addition to experience producing reports within industry. I have
access to 2 university libraries and Lexis professional edition legal
database. I would be happy to provide a CV if requested. I cannot
guarantee any offers will be selected, as it is necessary to ratify
the title through the course, although I do not anticipate this to be
a problem.

Alternatively if anyone can suggest someone that maybe interested in
this opportunity.
Unfortunately my offer was not selected at  .

I look forward to some interesting suggestions

Many thanks


Organization: projekt

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