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Re: [ox-en] research opportunity

Hi Ed!

I guess I'm a bit late for this:

3 weeks (25 days) ago Ed McLaren wrote:
I am completing a course on the Philosophy and Theory of Open Source
and Free Software. The assessment involves completing a project
equivalent to approximately 4,500 word on a topic within this subject.
Would anyone be interested in the results of such a project? If so I
would be happy to select the topic jointly, although I am keen to
consider legal issues such as 'software' patents or licensing issues.
I have experience completing legal research at a postgraduate level in
addition to experience producing reports within industry. I have
access to 2 university libraries and Lexis professional edition legal
database. I would be happy to provide a CV if requested. I cannot
guarantee any offers will be selected, as it is necessary to ratify
the title through the course, although I do not anticipate this to be
a problem.

If not: I don't know whether you got any suggestions privately. From
the top of my head I have no good idea but if this is still relevant
then it could be worthwhile to ask on the German list as well. There
are more people and may be one of them has an idea.

It also may make sense to outline a bit more of your topical

						Mit Freien Grüßen


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