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[ox-en] New List on FOSS in Developing Countries

From: Atanu Garai
Concerning: foss-pdi

Dear All,

We welcome you to the discussion forum 'FOSS: Policy and Development
Implications' (FOSS-PDI).

FOSS-PDI will debate and discuss issues including, but not limited to, 
the themes below:

1. Opportunities and drawbacks of FOSS for developing countries – the 
roles of government, civil society, business in the process.
2. FOSS & Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) – stretching the 
development dollar for scaling-up impact.
3. The global Intellectual Property Concern - Business monopoly of first 
world nations software giants versus third world collaborative efforts.
4. Enabling legal/regulatory/policy framework for country specific 
strategic evolution FOSS.
5. Open-source processes outside the software sector – Free Medicine, 
Seed Bank, Open Access, Open Archiving etc.
6. Comparison of proprietary software vis-à-vis FOSS in terms of 
technical merits –reliability, stability, and vulnerabilities, 
especially in the context of national ecurity.
7. FOSS versus Public Domain Software and Freeware – the Total Cost of 
Ownership (TCO) of FOSS.
8. Understanding why individuals contribute to FOSS projects and what 
motivates FOSS developers to "donate" their time and are these 
motivations different in developed and developing countries? Are there 
constraints, especially in developing countries, that could be addressed 
by government or private sector interventions?Before we start, you may 
like to say few words about yourself as an introduction to all forum 
members. And below we are giving briefs about the organisations and 
moderators involved in the forum.

Collaborating Organisations

UNDP Asia-Pacific Development Information Programme
The Asia-Pacific Development Information Programme (APDIP) is an 
initiative of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) that aims 
to promote the development and application of new Information and 
Communication Technologies (ICTs) for poverty alleviation and 
sustainable human development in the
Asia-Pacific region.

International Open Source Network
The International Open Source Network (IOSN), which is an initiative of 
UNDP’s Asia-Pacific Information Development Programme, is a Center of 
Excellence for Free and Open Source Software in the Asia Pacific Region. 
IOSN is supported by International Development Research Centre 

OneWorld South Asia
<>; <>)
OneWorld South Asia aims to leverage ICTs for amplifying the ‘voice of 
the voiceless’, and catalyse the efforts of multi-stakeholders partners 
in development to promote MDG issues and human rights, primarily in 
South Asia region.
<>) is a Cape Town based international organization with a 
mission to promote the effective use of information and communications 
technology (ICT) in the developing world.

The Free Software and Open Source Foundation for Africa (FOSSFA)
The Free Software and Open Source Foundation for Africa (FOSSFA) 
promotes the use of Free and Open Source software in Africa by bringing 
multi-stakeholder partners together for the development of African 
societies using open source software.

Discussion Moderators

Sunil Abraham, Manager - International Open Source Network. Email: 

Sunil is Free Software advocate from Bangalore, India. He is the
founder-director of Mahiti ( , a company that provides 
ICT services to the voluntary sector based on FOSS. Mahiti has served 
over 200 voluntary organisations over the last six years.  He is 
currently on sabbatical as manager - IOSN, APDIP-UNDP. He is an Fellow. He is particularly fond of Python, Zope and Plone.

Philipp Schmidt, Programme Manager, Email: philipp

Philipp Schmidt is a computer scientist interested in the  impact of 
technology on socio-economic development. He leads the Technology 
Research  Programme at Cape Town based and specifically the 
issues  around FOSS. He has written and spoken  extensively on the 
subject and is currently interested in the  economics of innovation and 
the socio-cultural differences of FOSS communities in different regions 
of the world. Previously he has  worked as a consultant for 
international organisations and companies,  including BMG
Entertainment, the Accenture Center for Strategic  Technology and the 
World Economic Forum.

Bildad Kagai, Co-ordinator, Free Software and Open Source Foundation for 
(FOSSFA). Email: bill

Bildad is coordinator of the Free Software and Open Source Foundation 
for Africa (FOSSFA) and also the Chief Executive Officer of Circuits and 
Packets Communications Limited, one of the leading Open Source companies 
in Kenya. He has worked with various international agencies on various 
areas of information systems and database management. He endeavours to 
create sustainable business models using open source solutions. Bildad 
has been instrumental in forming the Open Source Task force for Africa 
and FOSSFA with other stakeholders.

Naimur Rahman, Programme Manager, Training & Technical Services, OWSA.
Email: naimur.rahman

Naimur is Programme Manager of OneWorld South Asia in Delhi. Primarily 
an ICT strategy & knowledge management professional, Naimur possesses 
more than ten years of experience in managing multidisciplinary 
programmes and software application projects in the development domain. 
He also carries sizeable consulting and advisory experience on deploying 
ICT & e-Learning for sustainable development.

Amandeep Singh Grewal, Manager – Technology Projects, OWSA.
Email: aman.grewal

Amandeep is primarily responsible for managing the Lifelines India 
Project - a collaborative initiative of OneWorld South Asia and other 
multi-stakeholder partners on digital inclusion, using audio as a 
primary means of communication and knowledge exchange. Prior to this, he 
worked as Technical Project Manager (South Asia) for Open Knowledge 
Network Project ( Aman carries five years of 
experience in the IT & e-governance sector in India.

Atanu Garai, ICT Advocacy Officer, OWSA.
Email: atanu.garai

Atanu works in OneWorld South Asia as ICT Advocacy Officer, primarily
responsible for editing OneWorld Network's global ICT portal, Digital
Opportunity Channel ( He possesses sizeable
experience of implementing knowledge management solutions including 
CDS/ISIS, WINISIS, LIBSYS, Dspace, OpenBiblio etc. He has been involved, 
for over three years, in internet-based advocacy, particularly on issues 
relating to information society, knowledge for development and youth.

We hope to come up with an understanding of policy and development 
implications of FOSS, as existing and emerging in different societies, 
from your perspectives and viewpoints and feed the inputs to the FOSS 
policy-making processes.

Thank you.

Organization: projekt

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