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[ox-en] oekonux conference in amsterdam (!?)

Hi all,

over the past weeks some people have had a cc:: dialogue about the possibility to host the next Oekonux conference in Amsterdam. No time has been set yet but it might be late 2005 or early 2006.

There is no clearly identifiable group in Amsterdam that could host the event. And this is why I am writing to both lists. We are in a bit of a chicken and egg situation. Before we can give the green light we need a group, but without the green light, that the event is going to take in Amsterdam, it is also unlikely that 'Oekonux' people in the Amsterdam region (whoever that may be) will gather.

So, if you live in Amsterdam, or nearby, and would like to come to a prep meeting to discuss the necessity (and desires!) to do an Oekonux event in Amsterdam, please let me know.

Jaap of ascii (the linux squat workshop) is already involved and wants to join the group. There are few others who already have shown interest.

The good thing about doing it in Amsterdam is of course that it's gonna be the first time that Oekonux will have its meeting outside the German speaking region. It would also reflect the increased internationalization of the project.

Good things about Amsterdam are the cheap flights, the coffee shops ;), but it's also a relatively expensive place in terms of hotels and food. It's obviously touristic and increasingly boring because of the yuppies who have taken over virtually the whole town. The dutch anti intellectualism and populism is also sort of a challenge, but that could also be interesting one, to kick all you Hegelians of your clouds and confront the ignorant Dutch with their organized stupidity. Serious. Here, a lot of (young) people believe that to have ideas and talk about them is already 'totalitarian'. Its much better to shut up and party. I just attended a FLOSS meeting in my school were someone seriously denied that floss was based on ideas. For him it was just pragmatic, though expensive software. Only fundamentalists have ideas and the war on terror is a war against them. Root them out.

Now I am drifting off, but perhaps you get the idea of what the good and bad sides are of doing such an event in Amsterdam. Hosting it in Berlin or Barcelona, for instance, would make much more sense, but he, let's discuss that.

Best, Geert

Organization: projekt

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