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[ox-en] International Conference on Open Access


The following is taken from

Golm is near Potsdam (as stated below) which is itself close to

						Mit Freien Grüßen


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International Conference on Open Access within the tradition of the
Berlin Declaration


The aim of this international conference is to bring together the
various initiatives and key players within the open access movement.
The intention is to keep the momentum and to strengthen the enthusiasm
of all involved in this field.

Key notes, lectures and short presentations will cover a wide range of
subjects, among other topics like "open access for cultural heritage",
"open access to scientific (raw) data", "legal issues of open access",
"authors' attitudes towards open access". There will be room for
discussions, too.

Signatories to the Berlin Declaration have already committed
themselves to take actions within their organizations to strengthen
open access. Berlin Declaration signatories as well as other
organizations and initiatives will report on the progress they made so

The initiators of this conference are committed to give specific
attention to the issue of "open access and developing countries".

Albert Einstein Institute at Max Planck Campus in Golm near Potsdam

October 5th-7th, 2005

Further information
Please refer to this webpage

Conference Organisation

Programm Committee

The nucleus of the program committee is formed by scientists from the
Max Planck Society which has hosted the Berlin conference in 2003. It
will be augmented soon in order to represent the broad range of
international open access activities.

Local Arrangement

Max-Planck-Institute for Gravitational Physics, Albert Einstein
Institute (Prof. Bernard Schutz; Elisabeth Schlenk)

Dr. Georg Botz
Open Access Policy
Max Planck Society

Organization: projekt

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