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Re: [ox-en] Journal of Hyper(+)drome.Manifestation

Hi Johan and all!

*Very* interesting piece.

One comment.

2 months (88 days) ago johan soderberg wrote:
?This fission of labor inherent in the nature of robots, in other
words, creates a situation where it is only in the design of new
productive information and the initial bringing together of
information and machinery that surplus value can be extracted.
Unless this process is continually repeated, surplus value cannot be
continuously created, and the total mass of profit must ultimately

We arrive at what Tessa Morris-Suzuki calls a perpetual innovation
economy characterised by accelerating product cycles.[12] In my
mind, her approach is very promising for understanding late,
post-modern and post-Fordist capitalism.

Indeed a very interesting approach.

However, is this really completely new? If you look at it in older
terms than it means that above average surplus can be generated by
creating new products. The change is now that the average surplus
value approximates zero and the only way to generate relevant surplus
value left is then to create new products. Am I wrong somewhere?

Thus this is only an extension of a standard capitalist scheme.
Capitalist innovation was always driven by this principle but the rate
now reaches unprecedented speed. The question is whether this changes
the quality of the whole phenomenon.

						Mit Freien Grüßen


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