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[ox-en] "The Digital Tipping Point" by Christian Einfeldt


There seems to be a new film called "The Digital Tipping Point" having
a homepage at

From this page:

  The competition between open source software and heavy handed
  proponents of proprietary software ultimately comes to the question,
  "What kind of society do we want?" Technology is legislation,
  meaning that if you accept a type of technology, you accept certain
  types of social relationships which come packaged with that
  legislation. With nuclear power comes nuclear waste. With solar
  power, home owners have the option of running their meter backwards
  on sunny days. With proprietary software comes the BSA, forced
  searches of one's home or business, and sky high monthly rental fees
  for software.

Unfortunately the navigation of the site seems to be included in this
piece of Flash and seemingly doesn't work with Firefox/Mozilla :-( .

						Mit Freien Grüßen


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