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Re: [ox-en] Designing a currency for encouraging online outreach

Hi Andrius!

Last week (13 days ago) Andrius Kulikauskas wrote:
  The result is that we can have a currency that is not "zero-sum" but
whose purpose is to let us know who in our community we should be
rallying round and not forgetting.  Once a month or so, those people who
have participated the most actively (somebody like Lucas) will get to
choose how to redeem their points (we oblige them to!):
- they can "cash out" (based on the modest income our community is
earning through our lab's activities)
- they can use their point for some of our non-cash rewards or services
(such as our "virtual flash mobs")
- they can use their points for decision-making power regarding
particular questions at hand (for example, Lucas might say - I want our
lab to reach out to the Spanish-speaking world!)
- they can give their points away to somebody else.
In this way, their sum is reduced and then next month or so we give the
choice to whoever is on top.

In other words: Who does not work may not eat. Old testament if I
remember correctly.

what do we owe to Bala Pillai?

I don't know your exact relationship but how about: Nothing.

How can we understand that?

It's easy if you take the concept of Selbstentfaltung into account.
I'm doing things here in Oekonux and elsewhere not to put someone in
debt. I simply like to do them. IMHO this is the best thing one can
do, the greatest freedom: If you do the things you want/must do simply
because of your inner reasons.

I'm also hoping that we can use this economy to connect with some of the
larger companies like Hewlett-Packard, Apple, Sun, Intel.  I and others
have need for laptops and it would make sense for those companies to
offer us (social entrepreneurs and social activists) equipment or

Well, I guess these companies also know about the concept: Who does
not work shall not use our laptops. In the "currency" you're talking
about from their perspective you're simply never on top. Bad luck.

						Mit Freien Grüßen


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