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Re: [ox-en] Code theft or liberalisation?

On 9 Dec 2004, at 11:39, Soenke Zehle wrote:

The question that has to be asked is whether a paid-for and free business model can co-exist in the open source world. I am sure there are projects that work successfully on this model but none that I can think of offhand. You are most probably saying hey what about Red Hat, but you can download and compile RHEL yourself, such as done by the White Box Linux project.

This is the classic confusion of freedom and cost. Apache, Red Hat, Apple, IBM and others all make money off of Free software.

Yellow Dog Linux is a good example of a project that build on Red Hat's work with their PowerPC Linux, and returns work to the community, with YUM.

What doesn't work, as this case shows very clearly, is trying to set up an Open Source buzz around a project that a company only has a proprietary profit model for. Dual licensing is not a long-term viable option, and as an employee or investor I'd steer clear of any company that uses it.

- Rob.

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