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[ox-en] Fwd: 1st European Creative Commons meeting (17.-18.3.2005 Amsterdam)

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Date:  Mon, 24 Jan 2005 14:34:20 [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED]
From:  Peter Bittner
Subject:  1st European Creative Commons meeting (17.-18.3.2005 Amsterdam)
To:  fiff-l at
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1st European Creative Commons meeting (17. - 18. march 2005 in Amsterdam)

On the 17th and 18th of march 2005 Creative Commons Nederland invites
all organizations and individuals involved in the European iCommons
projects for a first European Creative Commons Meeting in Amsterdam.
This meeting will take place in the framework of the Creative Capital
Conference ( that is organized on the same
dates by Stichting Nederland Kennisland in collaboration with Waag
Society. Nederland Kennisland and Waag Society, together with the
Institute for Information Law at the University of Amsterdam, form
Creative Commons Nederland.

At the time of writing the Creative Commons licenses have been ported
for use in nine1 different European jurisdictions and in a
substantial number of other European Counties the efforts are well
under way. Our experience with the Creative Commons Licenses and
their promotion has come to suggest that there are a) substantial
differences in the institutional background between the US (where the
licenses originate form) and (continental) Europe and b) that some of
the challenges to a wider adoption of the Creative Commons license
model (such as the practices and statutory position of collective
rights management societies) are very similar throughout Europe.
Additionally, some important legal frameworks that shape the legal
space wherein Creative Commons must operate are formed on the level
of the European Union.

This situation calls for cooperation and collaboration among the
individuals and organizations that back the Creative Commons Licenses
in Europe. With this meeting we intend to explore in how far such a
collaboration is possible, what it should focuses on and how we can
shape it. During the second day of the meeting the chairman and
founder of the Creative Commons project  Lawrence Lessig will
participate in the meeting (t.b.c). This will provide the
participants to discuss the issues raised during the first day with
him and to look for possibilities of integrating  European
experiences into the future development of the Creative Commons

With this first European Creative Commons meeting we hope to
establish a constructive collaboration between the different national
projects that in the
long run will enable us to share resources and experiences, develop
common projects and enables us to jointly react to policy
developments on the European level. This meeting should focus on
aspects of community building and the promotion of the Creative
Commons Licenses in Europe. We want to avoid discussing the legal
aspects of the Creative commons licenses in Europe at this point.
Such a discussion could be part of a follow-up meeting.
(note: the programme is part of the Creative Capital Conference. As a
result of this there are no activities planned in mornings during the
Conference Keynote Speeches. A full conference programme including
all other conference threads will be available shortly).

Thursday 17th of march:

1330 - 1500 1st round: (participation restricted to individuals and
organizations involved in Creative Commons projects) Presentation of
the different national Creative Commons Projects; Presentation of the
Commons Project (t.b.c); What are possible forms of
collaboration/coordination on the European Level.

1500 - 1700    2nd round: (participation open to all interested
conference participants) what specific challenges are there for
creative commons in Europe? What can be done (on a European level) to
address these challenges? What are possible common projects? (the
intention is to come up with a common agenda for creative commons in

Friday 18th of march:

1100 - 1030:    Conference Keynote presentation by Lawrence Lessig (t.b.c)

1315 - 1445 3rd round: (participation open to all interested
conference participants) Presentation of the common agenda to
Lawrence Lessig (t.b.c) and European/Dutch policy makers; discussion.

Practical Information:

The meeting will take place as part of the Creative Capital
Conference in Central Amsterdam. Creative Commons Nederland will
cover the conference fees for the participants of this meeting.
Additionally can pay for lodging and travel expenses for a limited
amount of participants. Creative Commons NL can also assist in
finding accommodation for participants. In case of further questions
or to register for the meeting please contact us at
info AT

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Organization: projekt

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