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[ox-en] Fwd: [pox] Symposium OSS 2005 Padua Italy


Has been sent to [pox] but (still) may be interesting here.

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Date:  Thu, 23 Dec 2004 11:35:19 [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED]
From:  "Moreno Muffatto" <moreno.muffatto>
Subject:  [pox] Symposium OSS 2005 Padua Italy
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Open Source Software 2005

International Symposium

Padua, Italy

14-15-16 April 2005

Dear potential Speaker:

We are currently in the process of organizing for an International Symposium on OSS for the second year in a row. The OSS phenomenon is still relatively new, particularly in Italy. The Symposium is an attempt to respond to the need that people from industries, public administrations, and academia have to share their experiences and ideas. The main goal of the Symposium is to bring together researchers and experts interested in presenting their work

We would like to invite you to present your work and/or experience in the field of OSS at this multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary Symposium. We have made a list of suggested topics, but please feel welcome to suggest new ones. Your presentation can be based on work that has already been published or presented or on work or research that is currently being done.

Sessions may consist in presentations or debates around selected topics. They will be organized according to the proposals accepted. A chairman/moderator of the session will be appointed from among those whose proposals have been accepted. An appropriate amount of time will be allocated for discussion.

If you are interested in participating please send an extended abstract of your presentation (around 1000 words) or your paper by February 12, 2005 (see submission form attached).

Communication of acceptance/rejection will be sent by March 1, 2005.

The Symposium is a not-for-profit initiative. No fee is required.

Please refer to the Symposium web site (under construction) or send an e-mail should you have any questions.

Please feel free to extend this invitation to colleagues you think might be interested in either attending or presenting at the Symposium.

We look forward to meeting you and exchanging ideas at the International Symposium Open Source 2005 in Padova.

Many thanks for your attention.

Best wishes,

Prof. Moreno Muffatto, on behalf of the organizing committee

If you do not want to receive further communications, please reply to this email with "cancel" on the subject.


List of topics

Submission Form

Prof. Moreno Muffatto
Università di Padova
Via Venezia 1 - 35131 Padova
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