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[ox-en] (Last) spam wave

Hi list!

Once again we had a spam wave because of a failing spam filter :-( .
Fortunately this list didn't suffer from it but this was pure luck.

In order to protect the discussion lists from more spam I now will
follow the recommendations from a number of people suggesting to close
the discussion lists for non-members. I.e. mails from members go
through immediately while other mail reaches me as bounces which I may
approve by hand then.

Personally I regret this step because in fact spammers make a piece of
openness impossible, which through all these years were important to
me. On the other hand mails from non-members are extremely rare anyway
and insofar in practice nothing much is lost.

Those people who post from various mail addresses need to take a bit
of care. Only mail addresses which are subscribed on the list are
recognized as member addresses - logical, isn't it?

						Mit Freien Grüßen


Please note this message is written on an offline laptop
and send out in the evening of the day it is written. It
does not take any information into account which may have
reached my mailbox since yesterday evening.

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