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[ox-en] Bauwens, P2P and Human Evolution: Placing Peer to Peer Theory in an Integral Framework

[via multitude]

Michael Bouwens <michelsub2003>

P2P and Human Evolution: Placing Peer to Peer Theory in an Integral
Framework. 1

0. Table of Contents. 1

1. Introduction. 2

2. P2P as the Technological Framework of Cognitive Capitalism.. 4

2.1. The emergence of peer to peer as technological infrastructure. 4

2.2. Explaining the Emergence of P2P technology. 6

2.3. Placing P2P in the context of the evolution of technology. 7

3. P2P in the Economic Sphere. 7

3.1.A. The third mode of production. 7

3.1.B. The Communism of Capital, or, the cooperative nature of
cognitive capitalism.. 8

3.1.C. The Hacker Ethic or ‘work as play’ 9

3.2 Explaining the Emergence of P2P Economics. 10

3.2.A. The superiority of the free software/open sources production
model 10

3.3.A. The evolution of cooperation: from neutrality to synergetics.

3.4.B. Beyond Formalization and Institutionalization. 14

3.4.C. Not a Gift Economy, but a new form of Communal Shareholding. 15

3.3.D. Who rules: cognitive capitalists, the vectoral class, or
netocrats?. 17

4. P2P in the Political Sphere. 18

4.1.A. The Alterglobalisation Movement 19

4.1.B. The ‘Coordination’ format 19

4.1.C. New conceptions of social and political struggle. 20

4.1.D. New lines of contention. 21

4.2.A. De-Monopolization of Power 22

4.2.B. Equality, Hierarchy, Freedom.. 23

4.3. Evolutionary Conceptions of Power 25

5. The Discovery of P2P principles in the Cosmic Sphere. 26

6. P2P in the Sphere of Culture and Self 27

6.1.A. A new articulation between the individual and the collective. 27

6.1.B. Towards ‘contributory’ dialogues of civilizations and religions.

6.1.C. Participative Spirituality and the Critique of Spiritual
Authoritarianism.. 29

6.1.D. Partnering with nature and the cosmos. 30

7. P2P and Social Change. 30

7.1.A. Marginal trend or premise of new civilization?. 31

7.1.B. P2P, Postmodernity, Cognitive Capitalism: within and beyond. 33

7.1.C. Three scenarios of co-existence. 34

7.1.D. Possible political strategies. 35

8. The Integral Framework. 36

8.1.A. Avoiding reductionisms in explaining P2P. 36

8.1.B. P2P, Clare Graves, Beck and Wilber 37

9. Launch of The Foundation for P2P Alternatives. 40
Organization: projekt

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