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[ox-en] The "decision" (was: Survey about wiki engines)

Hi all!

Am Mittwoch 06 April 2005 19:21 schrieb Stefan Merten:

Anyway. The decision is made now and MoinMoin is used as the Wiki
engine for the Wiki which is supported by Project Oekonux.


  Stefan Merten has decided on his own that Wiki 4 is continued to be used by
  everyone who wants to.

I would hereby like to announce that I have decided the same for Wiki 2.

- - - - -
Personally I will help the Oekonux Wiki by copying the pages from the
existing Wikis - which will be now much easier because there is a
parser for MediaWiki syntax.

You are going to synchronize the wikis? That's nice.

Thomas }:o{#
Contact: projekt

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