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Re: [ox] Re: [ox-en] Survey about wiki engines

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oh goody poxe(Y)n democracy at work again

On Apr 7, 2005 12:03 AM, Thomas U. Grüttmüller <sloyment> wrote:

Hi Stefan

Am Mittwoch 06 April 2005 19:21 schrieb Stefan Merten:
6 days ago Thomas U =?iso-8859-1?q?Gr=FCttm=FCller?= wrote:
Stefan Merten has recently claimed on [pox] that most of the 
preferred MoinMoin.

ThomasUG misrepresents me often and this seems to me close to a lie -
as everyone can check on

You have said this:
| Also a couple of people here expressed there preference for MoinMoin and
| only ThomasUG seems to be heavily for MediaWiki.

My impression was that it's *your* statement which is close to a lie. This 
why I've started the survey. Up to now, the survey has shown the 

* Benjamin Mako Hill
* Stefan Meretz

* Christoph Graf
* Thomas Uwe Grüttmüller
* Thomas Kalka
* Till Mossakowski
* Christian Siefkes

* Hans Gert Gräbe
* Frieder Hirsch
* Franz Nahrada

no answer:
* Karl Dietz (doesn't want to repeat what he has said before)
* Helmut Supik (maybe PmWiki)
* Erich Turnwald-Kurtz

It shows that the "couple of people" who prefer MoinMoin is pretty small, 
that I am not the only one who prefers MediaWiki (although unfortunately I
have not asked if the others are "heavily for it", too).

- - - - -

I won't answer the rest of your mail because it is bullshit.

Thomas }:o{#
Contact: projekt

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Contact: projekt

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