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[ox-en] Oekonux Wiki now on Oekonux Server

Dear Oekonuxis!

Finally I copied the pages from the former Oekonux Wiki to the new
Oekonux Wiki on the server maintained by the project. The English one
can be found under

and the German one under

Contrary to what I said before there is no need for a freeze phase
:-) . Instead all pages are copied as they are right now and all
further changes and additions can and should be done in the new
Oekonux Wiki.

All the pages from the former Wiki are copied. Pages containing no
namespace - or more exactly: containing no colon in their name - are
put to the top level. For all pages involving a namespace there is a
"directory" created for the namespace and all pages in this namespace
are below this namespace. So for instance


is mapped to


The pages are all put to the categories


respectively. This way they are easy to locate. I'd recommend to move
all these pages to a proper place in the new Wiki and remove them from
this category by removing the category tag at the end.

User homepages are treated differently. They are copied to the top
level because MoinMoin expects it this way. They are put to the
respective homepage category instead of the categories mentioned

Discussion pages are generally put under their respective page. Just
add "/Talk" or "/Discussion" to the page name and get to the

All copied pages are still in MediaWiki syntax. Most syntax elements
are supported. I'll add an automatic "discussion"/"diskussion" link to
the MediaWiki parser so the hint above will not be necessary. Please
refer to

if you want to continue using MediaWiki syntax.

To prevent spam attacks the Oekonux Wiki can only be written to if
logged in. Just create an account and accept the cookie and you are
logged in. Also you can set up some UserPreferences.

Please note that this Wiki by default does *not* interpret CamelCase
words as automatic links.

						Mit Freien Grüßen


Contact: projekt

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