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From: George Lessard <media>
Reply-To: audiovision
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2005 09:29:15 -0600
To: L8 Media Mentor <mediamentor>, L9 NetGold
Cc: caj-freelance
Subject: [audiovision] RAW files forum

The RAW Problem

  Most camera manufacturers use a proprietary file format to store the
raw data from their digital cameras.

In the short history of digital photography, manufacturers have
dropped support for asset management applications, abandoned settings
from older RAW processor versions and changed the methods of storing
basic camera settings without documentation.

The undocumented changes in RAW file formats have already cost users
of RAW images time and money.

  This site was created to give photographers and everybody interested
in an open documentation of proprietary RAW formats a place to voice
their opinion and to encourage camera makers to openly document their
proprietary RAW formats.

Contact: projekt

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