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[ox-en] microsoft going to buy the language of a canadian indygenous trype

I'm not subscribed to the list. so please mail any answer back to my

I hope that's the right place to talk about that :)

I don't know if anyone has read about microsoft is going to buy the Mohawk

So i thourght, maybe it would be possibill to licence languages under GPL,
since there is no one realy owning them allmost everyone could do that. On
the other hand, i'm not the author of any language and so how could i
possibly license it, how could it possibly licenced by anyone?
I don't realy know if this would make real sence, but if the Multinationals
are going to buy oure languages now, there shout be a way to prevent that.

Is there anyone knowing of a simular problem, or has some idea which could
help in that situation ?

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