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[ox-en] The Hacker Ethic and Meaningful Work


Further to my grumpy rant, here is some of my own work for people to dissect 
and criticise :)

'The Hacker Ethic and Meaningful Work', my undergraduate dissertation in 
Philosophy. In it I tried to develop a unified hacker / free software ethic 
that addresses the question of meaningful work, highlighting a few conceptual 
problems along the way. I then tried to clarify and answer some of them with 
the Marxist theory of alienation.

Comments are appreciated, as I intend to clean it up and see if I can't get it 
published somewhere this summer (if it's good enough).

Some random fun trivia on it: Stallman described it as "deeply flawed", but 
said he didn't have time to explain why. I suspect it begins with the word 
"Marx" :)


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