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[ox-en] hacking surplus value etc


are you aware of :
A Grammar of the Multitude
For an Analysis of Contemporary Forms of Life
by Paulo Virno

In it he has a new take on surplus value which i think is really
useful in helping us understand the place of Floss ....
I have put a little bit below but the whole book (not long is at:

re floss as a exchange commodity - there is some stuff written by
conservative economic  lawyer types in the US recently about how
copyright is no good because of the costs it places on cooridnationa
dn that TM's are the way to go. that is rather than capital worrying
so much about protecting copyright in each and every part that might
make up a product what they should  really focus upon (and do) is
branding as the revenue generator/surplus value extractor. This sort
of reflects what Virno says in the bit below about recacluating or
reformulating the way we understand surplus value. eg:

"one would have to say that in the post-Fordist era, surplus-value is
determined above all by the gap between production time which is not
calculated as labor time and labor time in the true sense of the term.
What matters is not only the disproportion, inherent in labor time,
between necessary labor and surplus-labor, but also, and perhaps even
more, the disproportion between production time (which includes
non-labor, its own distinctive productivity) and labor time."

Anyway, just some thoughts for you

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