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[ox-en] Re: [ox] Local search engine on the web sites

Am Sonntag, 19. Juni 2005 17:46 schrieb Stefan Merten:
Hi lists!

We now have a local search engine on the web sites. Surf to

to access the central search form.

There are a number of options to limit the search to several areas of
the sites. In particular you can search the various mailing list
archives *only*. I.e. only the mails are searched. This seems like a
very useful feature to me.

The navigation frames on the left of all the pages on the sites now
all contain a small form for input of a search text and a submit
button. They search the respective site they belong to. The search
forms of all the pages containing `archive' in their path search the
respective mail archive only.

If I remember correctly the index of the search engine is updated

Unfortunately the timestamps of the files in the mail archive do not
match the date in the mail so the timestamp given by the search engine
is of little use. We are working on this. If this problem is solved I
probably will add options to restrict the search by time to the search

For no real reason the Wikis are currently not included but they have
their own search facility. If they shall be included there are some
technical aspects which need consideration. We would be interested in
comments whether to include them, so if you have an opinion on this
please send a mail to projekt AT

Anyway: If you have other ideas / comments / wishes for improving the
local search engine feel free to send a mail to projekt AT
where we will consider it. We are using ht://Dig
[] so if you like you may check out the software
and make an educated call for feature.

      Mit Freien Grüßen

Many thanks, Stefan, for Your work on this searching machine :-)

p&l, Helmuth
Kontakt: projekt

Contact: projekt

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