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[ox-en] Hearsay of a Pattern Ghost

               ( Lightening flash )

[ Dee ]                             [ Da Fuging ]

Row row row the boat
Gently down your stream             Row row row your boat
Merrily merrily merrily merrily     Gently down the stream	
Live is but a dream                 If you see a crocodile
                                    Don't forget to ...

          ( Fletch stirs to a peal of thunder )

Ouch !

[ Fletch slurring ]

That hurt !

Why do you bite my finger so ?

( Freeze frame and superimpose Ariel dancing at the front of the stage )

[ Ariel ]

Let time stop briefly
Whilst I describe the scene:

Fletch fatigued and fog bound
Lies at the side of an oily stream

One hand dangled in the flow
Rammed by a rotating Dee-Da craft

Let time begin once more

                ( Ariel exits screen )

[ Da ]

Stand up Fletch
Fletch stand up
We wonna play
We wonna play : 'Button button who's got the button ?'

And  ... I did not bite
Your finger so

I well aimed spike
If truth be told

( Fletch smiles and lifts the spelk-finger to eye-line )

[ Fletch smiling ]

Hello Da
It's Carroll
B-12 Da
                                   [ Da ]
And ... A spike you say ?
A spelk more like                  Well spelked
                                   But ... we're far from Coral

[ Fletch not smiling ]			

Hello Dee				

[ Dee mocking Fletch ]

Be twelve Da
Be twelve

[ Dee ]

Be careful Da                      [ Da ]
Fletch tries to regress you !
And hints at festive Carols        He's the best gressed
                                   Fletch in town

                                   Hey Fleetch ?

                                   Do you sleep in your clothes
                                   Before or after
                                   Strenuous exercise ?
[ Fletch smiles ]

Da: That's unkind

Hello Sea-hedgehogs
Why so far in land ?

[ Dee & Da ]

The Storm !

               ( Lightening flash )

One thousand
Two thousand
Three thousand

What's that knocking
At the door ?

[ Giant voice booms stage right over the top of thunder ]

Stranger !
Halt and regard me !

( Da quivering nestles in to Fletch's armpit causing Fletch to giggle at
the spelks )

[ Giant voice booms stage right ]

Do you mock me !

[ Fletch ]

I am being tickled.

Where are you ?

( Fog clears stage right to expose a Giant head sprouting out of the
Earth; 1.5 fathoms high. The Giant's eyes appear to be convex mirrors )

[ Fletch ]

Oh ..

You're a big one
In a bit of a fix

Can you free your arms ?

[ Giant booming ]

If I strain mightily

[ Fletch ]


Let me check about
For something stable
For you to can grab onto

You ought to have
A pretty good reach

[ Giant booming ]

No !

That will not
Be necessary

[ Fletch ]

Don't you want to get out ?

I thought that
That was why you hollered ?

[ Giant ]

Oh no
I simply want you
To regard me

[ Fletch ]

All right
I have seen you

[ Giant booming ]

But do you feel
My plight ?

[ Fletch ]

Not particularly

If you will not help yourself
Or accept help ...

[ Giant booming ]

What good would it do me
To be free ?

[ Fletch moving on ]

It is your question
You answer it

[ Giant ]

Where do you travel ?

[ Fletch ]

I go south
To appear
In a morality play

[ Dee ]

Don't waste your time
With the Giant
There's much less here
Than meets the eye

( The Giant mouths Fletch's name as he stares at the sea-hedgehogs and
then says )

Are you Fletch ?
Are you the one ?

[ Fletch ]                         [ Da ]

The one what ?                     That's Fletch all right

[ Giant ]

You are going to try
And stop the Chaos
Aren't you ?

[ Fletch ]


[ Giant ]

Do not do it

It is not worth it

I want things to end

I desire a release
From this condition

[ Fletch ]

I offered to help you out
And you turned me down

[ Giant ]

Not that sort of release
An end to the whole Works

[ Fletch ]

That is easily done

Just duck your head
And take a deep breath

[ Giant booming ]

It is not only
Personal termination
That I desire

I desire an end
To the whole foolish game !

[ Fletch ]

I suspect that
There are a few folk
Who would rather
Make their own decisions
On the matter

[ Giant ]

Let it be an end
For them too

There will come a time
When they are in my position
And will feel my plight

[ Fletch ]

Then they
Will posses
The same option

Good day to you

[ Fletch walks on ]

[ Giant calling after Fletch ]
                                      [ Da Fuging ]
Turn !
Turn !                                Turn
                                      Turn ...
One day
You will want this option !

[ Fletch shrugs and walks on. Da sits on top of Giant's head. Dee
accompanies Fletch ]

               ( Lightening flash )

[ Dee ]

The Giant is groping
After something
But proceeding incorrectly

The Giant holds the World
Responsible for its own failings

[ Fletch ]

The Giant would not even grope
To get out of the mud

[ Dee ]

I meant philosophically

[ Fletch ]

Oh ...
That sort of mud

[ Giant calling after Fletch over the rumble of distant thunder ]

Turn !                          [ Da Fuging ]
Turn !
[ Dee continues ]               Turn
                                Turn again ...
The whole problem lies
With the self
The ego 			
And its involvement
With the World
On one hand
And the Absolute
On the other

[ Fletch ]

Oh ...

Is that so ?

I need to eat                   [ Da ]

                                Wait for me

( Fletch gets a pot of Marmite from a pocket and proceeds to eat 3
spoonfuls )

Dee Da
Would you care to share ?

[ Dee ]                         [ Da smiling ]

Yuk                             Tar
No tar                          Put some on your spelk-finger
                                And I'll eat it from there

[ Dee shakes head at Da and continues to spike at Fletch ]

Ego is the problem

You understand
We are hatched
And we drift
To the surface of events

Sometimes we feel that
We influence things
And this gives rise
To our struggle

But this is
A big mistake

It creates false desires
And builds false ego
When just being
Should be enough

And this leads to
More desires
More struggles
And there you have it:

You're trapped

[ Fletch ]

In the mud ?

[ Dee ]


In the mud
So to speak

One needs to fix
One's dreams
Firmly on the Absolute

And learn to ignore
The mirages
The illusions
The fake sense of identity
Which sets us apart
From the Other
Like a fake
Island of consciousness

[ Fletch ]
               ( Lightening flash )

I had a fake identity once
It help me a lot
In becoming the person
That I am now:

Erm ... the "me"

[ Dee ]

Your "me" is fake too

[ Fletch ]

But my "me"
That exists tomorrow
Will thank my present "me"
For its existence

Just like
I thank an older
Other fake "me"
For my existence now

[ Dee ]

You are missing the point
Your new "me"
Will be a fake "me" too

[ Fletch ]

Why ?

[ Dee ]

Because it will still be
Full of those desires
And struggles
That sets you apart
From the Absolute

[ Fletch ]

And what is wrong
With that ?

[ Dee ]

You will remain alone
In a World of strangers
In a World of phenomena

[ Fletch ]

And what is wrong with
Phenomena and strangers ?
And being alone ?

I don't mind being alone
In fact
I'd rather be a loan
Than have one

[ Giant voice booms stage right over the top of thunder ]

You forget the Absolute !

( Fog clears to the right exposing a Giant head sprouting out of the Earth )

[ Fletch ]

Ah ...

So you do move !

[ Giant ]

I will admit
A certain admiration
For your persistence

Yet you forget the Absolute !

The Absolute
Will always be there
Always calling you
Always causing unrest

[ Fletch ]

Good !
Then there's no need to hurry

Yet !
I take your point:

It takes the form of ideals
Everyone has a few

If you are saying
That I should pursue my ideals
Then I agree with you

[ Giant booming ]

I am not saying that

You're ideals
Are but distortions

Mere Shadows of the Absolute
Merely more struggles

[ Fletch smiling ]

I think that's correct:
Life is struggle

[ Giant booming ]

You have a lot to unlearn !

[ Fletch ]

If you are talking
About my vulgar instinct
For survival
Forget it !

               ( Lightening flash )

( Fog clears more to reveal a well trod path at the foot of a hill )

[ Fletch ]

Hold !
I recognise this place ...

From a dream
But not a dream

I can't quite place it ...

Burgundy ?
Brigadoon ?

B ...
B ...

No ... its not "B" Da

But we're close
We're close ...

I need to eat Da

Ah ...

We are moving between Shadow
                                  [ Da ]
We are near the MetaSphinx !
                                  MetaSphinx !
[ Dee ]                           MetaSphinx !

You know the MetaSphinx !?        		

[ Fletch ]

An ancestor drew it

[ Dee ]

No !?

Surely you mean
The MetaSphinx
Drew your ancestor ?

[ Fletch ]


It is difficult
To separate the dancer           [ Da ]
From the dance
                                 Rhythm is a dancer
                                 Smoking causes cancer
                                 Needles give you HIV
[ Fletch ]

Well spelked Da                  [ Da fuging ]
Dee Da
Dee Da                           Dee Da
                                 Dee Da

[ Giant booming over a peal of thunder ]

You do mock me !
You mock the Absolute !

[ Fletch  ]

               ( Lightening flash )

Giant: To mock you
Is not the same thing
As mocking an Absolute

[ Giant booming ]

So you are not so blind
That you deny the Absolute
The beginning and end
Of everything ?

[ Fletch ]

It is not indispensable
To a liberal education

[ Giant booming ]

Ah ...
You admit the possibility !

[ Fletch ]

Perhaps I know possibility:

The ego
One's identity
The "me"
Exists in a fluid state
Between rationality
And reflex existence

One's identity moves
From the possible
To the probable
To the actual

[ Giant booming ]

You blot-out the Absolute !

[ Fletch ]

The fact that you find
Consensus reality barren
Tells me more about you
Than about the state
Of affairs

To wit
If you come from
That Absolute
Of a self-canceling "me"
Why then do you desire
To go back there so quickly ?

Do you so despise yourself
That you fear mirrors ?

Or did your Absolute
Make a mistake
In sending something                  [ Da ]
Of your calibre ?
                                      Touché Fletch

Make your trip worthwhile:


                                      [ Da ]

                                      Just love those
                                      Combat metaphors

[ Fletch moves on up hill ]

Well spelked Da                       [ Da fuging ]
Dee Da
Dee Da                                Dee Da
                                      Dee Da

[ Giant calling after Fletch over the rumble of distant thunder ]

Turn !                                [ Da fuging ]
Turn !
                                      Turn again Wittgenstein ...
[ Fletch ]

Come on Dee
We need to keep
Ahead of the storm !

[ Dee ]

I feel nausea

[ Fletch offers Dee some fructose ]

I've cleaned my spoon

( Dee eats from small silver spoon )

[ Fletch ]

I suspect the Giant
Has gone off
To consult a manual

Let's go consult
The MetaSphinx

( Dee quivering nestles in to Fletch's armpit causing Fletch to giggle
at the spelks )

[ Fletch giggling ]

What is it Dee ?
What do you fear ?

[ Dee ]

I fear the MetaSphinx
It will eat me
If I fail to answer
It's riddle

[ Fletch ]

I'm sure you've been riddled before ?

Ouch !

What was that for ?

[ Dee frowning ]

I did not mean            [ Da smirking ]
To hurt you
                          Dee's giggling

                          The novelty causes
                          The pain

[ Fletch giggling ]

Life's a struggle

Da:                        [ Da giggling ]
Do you want fructose ?
                           But no tar
No doubt you will
Have met a portrait
Of the MetaSphinx
In some Shadow
Or other before

As we climb this hill
Between Shadows
I will tell you
The MetaSphinx's basic
Reformer riddle

It asks this riddle
If it traps you
Or if you stumble
In to its presence

It likes to riddle
Two or more
At a time

Now you are both giggling

This is the way its tale
Usually swishes:

Two folk meet the MetaSphinx
Alone on a hill
Where the MetaSphinx sits
Navel contemplating

As they near
It pounces and snarls:
"You have bugs
 You have committed errors
 And I am going to eat them

 I am going to eat you !"

Let's say:
Of the two folk
One has committed
Many small errors
And the other
Has just got one bug
But a big one

And let's say:
The one who has committed
Many small errors says:
"Eat my bugs
 Not me !"

 says the MetaSphinx
"Tell me about your bugs"

The one who has committed
Many small errors
Starts unfolding
Story after story to the MetaSphinx
All kinds of stuff ...

"Enough !" says the MetaSphinx
"What you need to do
 Is go find things
 That symbolise your errors:

 Stones !

 Bring me stones
 That match your errors !

 Pick them well

 You will tell me
 Your many stories
 Each with the aid
 Of a stone"

 ... And off goes No. 1

No. 2 raises their head
And looks up to the MetaSphinx
For correction:

"Same for you No. 2"
 says the MetaSphinx
"Go and get me that stone"

No. 2 lowers their head again
And trogs off

The MetaSphinx goes back
To navel contemplation

Many days pass
Weeks months
And the MetaSphinx
Peckish rouses
And goes to find
No. 1 and No. 2

No. 2 is still
Trying to find
A stone big enough

No. 2 contemplates
A stone the size of a planet

The MetaSphinx
Gets No. 2
To compromise on a massive rock
Out on a delta
Only accessible
At low tides

No. 2 has much pushing to do

No. 1 is impatient

No. 1 has all kinda stones
Some as big as dinner plates
Some semi-precious jewels
Loads in pockets
Loads in a sack
Just loads

The MetaSphinx
Tells No. 1 to wait
And take the time
Whilst No. 2 is pushing
To pick better stones

"Here !

 Regard that stone
 In the dung
 Bellow the monument:

 Its lustre
 Its curvature
 Its colour
 Its heat absorption
 Its position
 Better resembles
 The mates
 You abused and lost
 Than all those dinner plates !

 Throw your self pity away
 Like discus into the sea
 Again like discus into the sea !

 And pluck that iridescent
 Other from the dung !"

Well, that dropped No. 1's head finally
And No. 1 went off to get
A better
Set o' stones

"If you can't do better than that"
 shouts the Meta Sphinx
"Go help No. 2 rock that planet !"

"No !
 I don't want any help !"
 says No. 2

The MetaSphinx's head shakes with laughter
Then stops abruptly
Back to navel contemplating
And contemplation of the Other
The Other planet movements
That lay within the MetaSphinx

Another month passes
And No. 1 and No. 2
Make it back up the hill
With their rock collection

No. 1 goes first
And tells the MetaSphinx
About the errors
And the rock symbols:

Nasty yucky stuff
No. 1 is not sure
Whether the MetaSphinx's face expresses
Despair or joy

When No. 1 is finished
The MetaSphinx says:

"I liked the many many grey pebbles
 You use to describe
 The many many abuses
 From act and by omission
 To the many many grey Other"

And turning to No. 2
The MetaSphinx continues:

"Now your turn"

No. 2 tells the MetaSphinx
About the error
And the rock symbols:

It concerns death
It is quite a story

No. 2 is not sure
Whether the MetaSphinx's face expresses
Despair or joy
Or whether the face just
Reflects the Other planets
Inside the MetaSphinx

When No. 2 is finished
The MetaSphinx laughs
And moves closer
To the rock to examine it

The MetaSphinx experiences
The iridescence of the matter
Through No. 2's experience
Of the Other

Its colors
Its texture
Its friction
Its artistry of the symbol

The MetaSphinx laughs and shouts:

"No ! I don't want any help !
 It is my stone to move"

The MetaSphinx turns to No. 1
And asks to examine
No. 1's stone plucked
From the dung
Which No. 1 now cherishes

It has become smoother
And resembles many many lost shapes

The MetaSphinx laughs at the Other
As the Other planets move inside:

"When you put the stones
 Back precisely
 To the same position
 They were in
 When you found them
 Then your error
 Will be corrected !

 You may each keep
 One stone

 Or leave it here
 On this hill of stones
 And other symbols
 Of corrected errors

 New matter
 For me to contemplate

 And move around
 The universe
 Of symbols of the lost Other"

Nr. 1 and Nr. 2 look around them
At the hill
And sense many histories
Of shapes and iridescence
Of despair and joy
And wonder at the remembered beauty

The remembered fractal Others
That moraine the landscape
Which now both frames and includes
Their new matter

"What about my many many grey pebbles ?"
 questions No 1.
"I can not remember their arrangement,
 Their precise location
 Their faces
 I can not tell one
 From the Other
 There are so many !"

"Pick better things !"
 roars the MetaSphinx
"Pick better symbols !"

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