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[ox-en] "Open Congress" in London


Taken from

  We are a group of artists, researchers and academics -some of whom
  are based at Chelsea College of Art and Design- who are working

  an OpenCongress that seeks to understand how methodologies derived
  from Free/Libre and Open Source Software [FLOSS] production can be
  deployed by those working in the area of art, visual culture and
  cultural production in general

  The OpenCongress aims to explore how FLOSS inspired practices
  challenge the ruling paradigms of production and knowledge;
  particularly conventional practices of authorship, ownership and

  We aim to address these questions through an innovative form of
  congress - which will itself will be open source in its form and

  The congress will be held at Tate Britain, Millbank London on the
  7th and 8th October 2005


Oekonux is also mentioned. If someone wants to contribute Oekonux
topics I'm ready to help.

						Mit Freien Grüßen


Contact: projekt

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