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[ox-en] The parallel paths, was: Paper:"Digital property" By Sabine Nuss - Response t

Karel, that is one of the development paths. Consider the economic logic
that makes this transgression possible (Support Economy, New Work) and the
magic word "costs" in your list, then there are parallel paths to consider
- the one that is important for me is

1) Educational networks

2) Educational networks that exchange Open Source material

3) educational networks that are directed and maintained by communities
(cities, regions, villages) that aim to enhance economic independence

4) communities investing in renewable matter and energy

5) building local cycles of flows between greatly enhanced local producers
- "cradle to cradle" (Braungart/McDonugh)

6) establishing global virtual cooperatives to design and modify
CNCmachines to work with renewable matter (based on green chemistry, for
example polylacticacid-derivates from plant-produce instead of

7) automation and integration of decentralized cycles of production and

8) decentralized schemes of living and planetary maintainance (global

9) expansion of informal community lifestyles

10) global political shift to independent - region buildung according to
Christopher Alexanders "pattern language"

In the German list, we are beginning to ask how these schemes are


Karel Kulhavy <clock>
 on Freitag, 9. September 2005 at 15:41 Uhr [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED] wrote:

The way could be:

1) Free software

2) Free software for designing hardware

3) Free hardware

4) Free CNC machines (digitally controlled machines that can mill parts
  other machines)

5) Free CNC machines that can do free CNC machines

6) Bootstrap of CNC machines to advanced stage as GCC compiler compiles
  itself in 3 bootstrap stages

7) Advanced CNC machines which don't cost much to manufacture (they
  can replicate just for price of material and energy) can manufacture
  other, non-CNC machines

8) People build factores themselves just for cost of material
  and energy

9) People will be able to produce goods themselves just for cost of
  material and energy. Technology will be for free.

Contact: projekt

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