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Re: [ox-en] [Upd-discuss] Paper:"Digital property" By Sabine Nuss - Response t

V. Sasi Kumar <sasi.fsfs(:AT)>
Free Software Foundation of India
wrote on Tuesday , 13. September 2005 at 15:51 Uhr [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED]
in the English Oekonux list

The Free Software Foundation of India has represented to the Technology
bodies of the Government of India that all technology developed through
publicly funded research should be available to anyone free of cost so
that all manufacturers will have a level playing ground as far as
technology is concerned. Since the development has been publicly funded,
it is only reasonable that the public gets the benefit out of it. The
Government has not responded, nor has this been discussed in any other
public forum. But I think this should be a first step.

I suggest we could make a short inquiry on the state of this topic across
the lists and around the world. Every slight positive example (especially
from Latin America) might have drastical influence on the position of

So it would be interesting to find out what is the state of public
knowledge politics around the world - in regard to the formation of
information commons that allow widespread participation in this ultimate
resource. Please also include politics on Free Software, but do not limit
yourself to this.

I created a space for investigation. 

please add your observations here:

I will mirror the results to the english Oekonux Wiki


Contact: projekt

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