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Re: [ox-en] Peer-to-peer Electricity and p2p theory [u]

hello friends,

On 26 Sep 2005, at 7:37 AM, martin hardie wrote:


the problem with oekenux theory is that you are not allowed to talk
about the  system-confirming aspects of P2P production. This is a
heresy here and many have been burnt for it in the past.

heresy? well, Michel was a speaker at the second oekonux meeting and, as
far as i remember, nobody in attendance flamebated him for his critical
perspective. Exactly the opposite. Perhaps not all the people on this list
are opposed to the increasing commercialisation of free software, yet this
is not to say that to recognise the corporate takeover of free software
(and the commodification that ensues) is a subject of discussion that
oekonux is dismissive of. Imho, there's no need for further elaboration on
this here, since it's more or less self-evident that
informational-cognitive capitalism feeds on the profit-making potential of
P2P; otherwise, the institutionalised war on P2P would have been far more
vicious than currently is.

I have found your stuff useful in the past so I will go and look at
the links. Iam glad that you recognise that P2P is productive of
capitalism. This is what I have been finding as I look at the history
of both unix and linux. But it is hard to do this if one is stuck in
the logic of free as in freedom

Again, maybe I'm just a newcomer to this list, but from discussions I have
had over the past years with several people on the list it occured to me
that none is "stuck in the logic of free as in freedom". Aside from RMS's
conscious and understandable choice of liberal rhetoric, FREE SOFTWARE IS
INDEED FREE BEER. And that is, partly, why free software is subversive.

my two eurocents



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