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Re: [ox-en] more on RepRap

specializes them to produce a certain good is software alone. This
shifts the main effort for producing a good away from constructing and
building a special machine to have the necessary software available.

Doesn't. Tell me what commands should I send to the device to produce me
3kW wind power plant or wood gassifier or Tesla gas turbine with
asynchronous generator or high-quality bike alternator with ball
bearings? Those are the things I would be interested to have.

This moves the main effort from the material level to the immaterial
level and Free Software shows what this means under conditions of a
planet-spanning digital copy facility.

Imho we have to try a way to fund Dr. Bowyer RepRap: ideas?

Hmm I would be delighted if someone funded me so I could work fulltime
on free technology and add a project of universal CNC machine to list of
Twibright Labs projects:

Well, I think I saw something like that some years ago so you don't

Can you give URL?

need to invent it. Again this machinery is so universal that all you
need to produce a particular good is the software - which is hard to
develop sometimes.

This also applies to industrial robots which are universal for a wide
range of material operations. They only need to be programmed right.

Can you give URL to a site like Ronja, just with the difference that
instead of optical datalink you build yourself an industrial robot?

I think if we think of universal machinery which shifts the important
part of production to developing the right software for it and thus

I don't see how RepRap shifts production of anything interesting to me
to programming software.

leverages processes similar to Free Software we need to think of a
range of machines which is universal for a certain area of material
operations. I think this follows from the fact that matter is far more
diverse than digital data and unless we invent Star Trek like
machinery which builds things up from atoms we need to envision a
machine park more than a single machine. Well, there are even
developments for atom movers out there, however ;-) .

You can replace plastic with metal, but not metal with plastic. Can
you build a car engine from plastic? A bike from plastic? A train from
plastic with plastic rails, plastic exchanges, plastic wheels and
plastic wires carrying 1000 amperes at 15kV? That's totally absurd.

To me it appears as toy. The whole design limits the material to
plastic. You cannot put copper or steel bars instead of those plastic
glue bars and tell the thermistor to heat up to 950 or 1300 degC.

If it was like CNC, you could load plastic as well as aluminium,
copper, brass, bronze, iron, steel, titanium, wood, almost anything
and mill it precisely.

Czech Republic recuperation hydroplant Dlouhe Strane uses Francis
turbines with 1m shaft diameter and 4.5m wheel diameter. The wheel is
said to have excentricity max. 50 micrometers when spinning at 430
revolutions per minutes and generating hundreds of megawatts of power.

Hydro power is important to mankind. Can you tell RepRap to make
4.5 meter Francis turbine wheel from plastic glue which would have
50 micrometers excentricity at such huge force loads?

You can achieve that easily using numerically controlled mill built
as free technology, if you commit yourself to the development of the
free technology CNC mill.


						Mit Freien Grüßen


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