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[ox-en] May I help to enrich your product offering? [u]

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From: sales.cailun
Date: 1 November 2005 1:20:32 PM
To: geert
Subject: To GEERT: May I help to enrich your product offering
Reply-To: sales.cailun



Ref: May I open a dialogue with you?

Hope you don't mind my disturbing your work again. Please forgive our database mistake if we have sent our email to a wrong person.

We should send you email previously and introduce ourselves a little bit. You may have visited our website at, you may have also found that we've been focused on Linux systems for years. Not sure how you would be impressed by us?

Also having a look on your corpoate website, I believe we have a common ground for some kinds of business. We're not going to sell our Linux solutions. It may not meet your need. Apart from Linux, we have well-tested computer accessories they are very suitable to sell at your marketplace. These products are carefully developed so we hope they can enrich your product offering, make you more competitive.

Some selected items:

	• 	Ergonomics designed Mouse
	• 	Different kinds of computer cables
	• 	Different USB devices
	• 	CCD and web cameras (wide angle, high resolution and sharp image)
	• 	Internet Surveillance System

You may have many concern, but we'll work with you to solve the obstacle. For example, we can offer online demonstration. We're particularly interested in working with small and medium companies. We wish we can build up a win-win business relationship with you.

May I have a chance to give you a quotation?

Best regards,
 Consultant, Cai Lun e-Business Limited
 Email: sales.cailun
 SkyPE: cailun-online
 MSN: sales.cailun
 Tel: (852) 8114-1564
 Fax: (852) 8115-0645

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