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on debian (Fwd: piksel Digest, Vol 15, Issue 4) was Re: [ox-en] sell your free software "lifestyle" business for nine figures [u]

in the light of getting to know how the debian model, quoted in a recent thread circulating this airs. i decided to fwd this message from the piksel ( list that touches a bit on this and other interesting topics of the open source model and "lifestyle"

buen weekend,

Begin forwarded message:

   1. Re: Debian/Ubuntu monopoly (was: bluetooth receiver) (jaromil)


Message: 1
Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2005 12:39:48 +0100
From: jaromil <jaromil>
Subject: Re: [piksel] Debian/Ubuntu monopoly (was: bluetooth receiver)
To: p1k53l workshop <piksel>
Message-ID: <20051103113948.GA13777>
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On Thu, Nov 03, 2005 at 04:36:24AM +0100, pix wrote:

x combat:~$ apt-cache show obexserver

... as usual with debian no link to homepage nor credits to the person
who wrote the software :/

to be fair i think this is to avoid unnecessarily burdening the
'upstream' developer with debian specific bugs.

just by including the """upstream developer""" reference (currently
missing) in the show result (which is the most indexed information

oh c'mon, it's written all over the place """Mantainer""" with the name of who compiled the code (and it is so hard these days to compile code!)

let's see how it is now: in the unlikely situation in which a normal
user has still doubts about who wrote the software, one can look up on
google. and of course obexserver only results are about debian, because
the original software is called in a different way! (openobex)

also, are you aware that most free software developers do code in spare time and currently donations are a major source of motivation for them?
so tell me, how do the massess correctly realize whom to donate to in
such a situation? in a scenario in which micropayement would work,
debian/ubuntu would *monopolize* everything.

and of course, they know how to make use of it eh, 250.000EU a year
spent in developer meetings among people that compile things written by

ok, please don't take this as a rant, even if it might sound like :)
still i believe you can spot some """constructive criticism""" in it,
for the good of the free software developer community.
And besides all that, i still think Debian is good for our community, i
know a couple of Debian developers and i like them and respect the
spirit they invest in their activity.

(please feel free to forward this thread to anyone concerned)


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jaromil, rasta coder, friend of debian, http://

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