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[ox-en] work

Michael Bauwens
I would also question your reliance on total automation. In fact,
work itself is not alienating per se. Many farmers, given the
choice, would remain farmers, and want to work with organic schemes,
living in their communities and families. Are you saying that
totally automated farming is preferable?

Stefan Merten
What's the problem with totally automated organic farming? Is an
organic plant somehow better when a human eye looked at it before it
ended up in the cooking pot? Well, at least not to me.

*This* - the totally automated organic farming - is indeed something
which I think we should strive for when we think of agriculture in the
GPL society.

Imho all us have difficulties to understand each oother heheh we have
similar goals and speak about the same items but we can't understand
each other due different political cultures. (and also my poor english
contributes a lot)

All rounds around the concept of work. Automated organic farming
"abolishes" work intended as fatigue. no more one is "obliged" to work
to survive (the same deal, the abolition of work intended in this way,
has the basic income proposal). Another kind of work is the Bauwen's
one. That's the voluntary human activity, the pleasure to make

I see a possible scenario.. mass food production through automated
farms and "for pleasure" food production through manual work heheheh
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