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Stefan Merten
What's the problem with totally automated organic farming? Is an
organic plant somehow better when a human eye looked at it before it
ended up in the cooking pot? Well, at least not to me.


A plant is, at some level, and this is not mysticism but a researched phenomenon, a 'feeling' organism, that reacts to care. They are not 'objects' that can be automated in some process. Well, they can, but at a price. Have you ever tasted biodynamic produce, and compared to the bland fare that comes out of automated  farming? I know for one thing, that in Belgium at least, good tasting fruit has practically disappeared from the market, and I'm really enjoying the not-yet automated fruit one can find on local markets here in Thailand.


For me, this total automation thing is a product of 19th century progress ideology <g>


Farmers want to care for their plants and animals, if you give them the freedom to do so.


But I agree with the conclusion: let's automate what is burdensome, and let people free to engage in freely productive behaviour,




*This* - the totally automated organic farming - is indeed something
which I think we should strive for when we think of agriculture in the
GPL society.

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